The Rasin Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with the people of Leogane, Haiti to improve the physical and mental health of the community and assist in economic and technology development.


Our Mission

  • Support and assist in developing culturally sensitive, competent and empowering programs whose outcome is to improve the health status of the poorest inhabitants in targeted localities in Haiti;
  • Encourage greater cooperation and provide travel opportunities for Haitian expatriates to contribute to the betterment of their country;
  • Engage citizens in the United States who are cognizant of the causes of poverty and seek to alleviate its effects through knowledge and technology transfer;
  • Collaborate with institutions whose missions are to work towards the elimination of poverty and the prevention of diseases

Rebuild Leogane – Community Planning Workshop Report 2011

Most Recent Community Needs Assessment

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2014 Rasin Foundation Fundraiser

                      The Rasin Foundation 5th Annual Fundraiser Sunday 9/28/14

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the people of Leogane and the Rasin Foundation.

It was a wonderful evening with friends and supporters, great food, music and fashion.  A very special thanks to the generous and talented performers who made the evening such a huge success – Rebecca Noelle Zama, Fritz Orvil, Charlot Lucien, and Prajje Jr. Jean Baptiste and his models and production teams.

Hope to see you all again next year and in Leogane.

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Chikungunya strikes Haiti

Over the past few months an outbreak of Chikungunya has struck the Caribbean. As of May, there are over 5,000 reported cases in Haiti.  We have been treating many patients at the clinic with symptoms consistent with chikungunya – fever, joint pains, headache, muscle pain and/or rash.  The infection is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti and symptoms develop after an incubation period of 3-7 days.  Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for the infection and patients are treated with supportive care – fluids, tylenol or nsaids,


2014 Cross Cultural Nursing Course

In April 2014 the Rasin Foundation hosted it’s first Annual Cross Cultural Nursing program. This program held at the Kiskeya guest house in Leogane  was a huge success bringing together nurses from as far away as Port-au-Prince.  Program directors,  Dr. Arielle Adrien and Jill Hallisey NP (Boston , MA) along with visiting nurses from Boston and Petite Riviere Health Center nurse, Miglese Bourdeau presented topics including:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cholera
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • CPR training
  • current professional issues in nursing
  • end of life care
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