The Rasin Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with the people of Leogane, Haiti to improve the physical and mental health of the community and assist in economic and technology development.


Our Mission

  • Support and assist in developing culturally sensitive, competent and empowering programs whose outcome is to improve the health status of the poorest inhabitants in targeted localities in Haiti;
  • Encourage greater cooperation and provide travel opportunities for Haitian expatriates to contribute to the betterment of their country;
  • Engage citizens in the United States who are cognizant of the causes of poverty and seek to alleviate its effects through knowledge and technology transfer;
  • Collaborate with institutions whose missions are to work towards the elimination of poverty and the prevention of diseases

Rebuild Leogane – Community Planning Workshop Report 2011

Most Recent Community Needs Assessment

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January 2015 visiting physician volunteers

On January 21-23. 2015, Dr. Michel Ange Ferdinand, a family practice physician from New Jersey, was ecstatic to visit Leogane and work at the Rasin Foundation Medical clinic.  In one morning session, he was able to see 15 patients while other providers were also working.  He loved the community and the calming and welcoming atmosphere of the clinic and promised to return and connect us with other colleagues for the benefit of the people ofLeogane.


Thanks for new Gyn Exam Table Donation and Electricity

Thanks to Dr. Kenneth Pariser and Dr. Eva Balash, the Rasin Foundation Medical Clinic is fitted with a gynecological exam room. The clinic staff was very happy to also receive the equipment including office chairs and an autoclave machine. Also in the past two months, the clinic has been repainted and connected to the electrical grid! Thanks to all our donors who made it possible to bring electricity to the clinic.


2014 Cross Cultural Nursing and Medicine Conference

On November 15, 2014, the Rasin Foundation held its second Cross Cultural Nursing and Medicine conference in Leogane, Haiti.  An enthusiastic audience of nurses and physicians spent the day discussing medical topics such as Typhoid and Yellow Fever, Cervical and Colo-rectal Cancer, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Ebola.  Dr. Arielle Adrien, Dr. Kenes Eloy and Jill Hallisey, nurse practitioner were the main presenters.  If you would like to participate at our next conference in 2015, please contact the Rasin Foundation.


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