The Rasin Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with the people of Leogane, Haiti to improve the physical and mental health of the community and assist in economic and technology development.


Our Mission

  • Support and assist in developing culturally sensitive, competent and empowering programs whose outcome is to improve the health status of the poorest inhabitants in targeted localities in Haiti;
  • Encourage greater cooperation and provide travel opportunities for Haitian expatriates to contribute to the betterment of their country;
  • Engage citizens in the United States who are cognizant of the causes of poverty and seek to alleviate its effects through knowledge and technology transfer;
  • Collaborate with institutions whose missions are to work towards the elimination of poverty and the prevention of diseases

Rebuild Leogane – Community Planning Workshop Report 2011

Most Recent Community Needs Assessment

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Dental Training April 2017

Dental Training April 2017

In Memoriam – Neil Robertson

176803_20170313The members of the US Based-Board and Leogane-Based Staff of the Rasin Foundation are deeply saddened by the death of our good friend and supporter Neil Robertson.  Despite his illness, Neil was a passionate advocate for the people of Haiti and supporter of the work of the Rasin Foundation. His passion, dedication, creativity and friendship were an inspiration to all of us at the Rasin Foundation.

Neil C. Robertson
1944 – 2017
SKOWHEGAN – Neil C. Robertson, of Skowhegan, passed away on Feb. 28, 2017, from complications of cancer.

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