Located in rural Petite Rivière, the center provides medical care and dispenses medications to rural villagers who lacked access to basic health care services.  While initially free of charge, based on community input the clinic now charges a nominal fee (~$0.25) for clinic visits which covers the visit, all lab tests and medications.  All proceeds from clinical fees are managed by the clinic staff for use at their discretion to support needed services at the health center not otherwise in the budget. The center is staffed full-time by 2 nurses, Miglese Boudeau and Anthonyne Boudeau, part- time dentist Dr.  Bastien Emmanuel, part-time physician Dr. Dyna Louise Pierre, archivist/registration manager  John Pele Charite, community program coordinator Pierrot Raymond and security guard Gerald Alcid.  Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, dentists, psychologists and other staff rotate through the center for 1-2 weeks every 2-4 weeks.  The clinic currently serves about 600 patients a month in addition to public health programing and outreach clinics at local schools.
(clinic location, old satellite image shows older temporary clinic from 2010 and tilapia ponds)

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clinic at night

Surgery Clinic Outside

Surgery - Clinic exam


Photos of clinic construction

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