Located a short walk from the health center, our affiliated program, the Kiskeya Guest House offers convenient luxurious  accommodations, five star food and service, in a serene setting to unwind – a home away from home experience with a five star service with an affordable rate.

The guest house is environmentally friendly and is solar-powered.  It has 13 spacious bedrooms and 13 baths.  It is equipped with a 30 feet swimming pool, outdoor bar, gym and recreation area.

Our unique sustainable agro tourism complex located away from the hustle and bustle of every day life offer visitors the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, families and nature.   For many of our guests,  we a bridge to a better understanding of Haiti, its culture and people as we offer year round Haitian Creole and cultural immersion programs.

Whether traveling alone or in groups, for business, pleasure or volunteering, you will find that staying at Kiskeya Guest House to be the most pleasurable experience.  In fact, many of our former guests have bonded with our welcoming staff, continue to stay in touch and have returned.  Come put your feet up and enjoy our in-house entertainment.

While staying at our facility, you will be amazed to see the peacefulness that surrounds the guest house and the community.  Watching our geese, peacocks, ducks and other animals living on the farm will be so therapeutic! What a relief to be away for all the loud noise and environmental pollution of the city!

For reservations and additional information visit www.kiskeyaguesthouse.com